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Video Logic Board 6871QCH059B FOR VIZIO P50 HDTV10A P50HDM

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  • Price: $179.95
  • SKU#: 6871QCH059B

The Core Value is the credit value of the part which may be refunded when the customer returns the dud or core part WITHIN 14 DAYS. (return shipping label provided. NOTE: provided for US customer ONLY). More info please see FAQ.


Condition: Re-certified

Video Logic Board 6871QCH059B TV Panel Model: PDP Module 50X3 TV Panel Manufacturer: LG For use with VIZIO TV Model number(s): P50 HDTV10A, P50HDM and Serial number(s): AHPBBBAG... AHPBCBBG... AHPBCBBH... PHLASBH... PHLASCH... AHPBABAF... AHPBABBF... AHPBABBG...