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  • WAS: $59.99
  • Price: $49.99
  • SKU#: BN59-01055A


Condition: Original new

Samsung 3D TV Remote Control: BN59-01055A

Compatible Models: PL50C8000, PL50C8000YF, PL50C8000YFXZX, PN50C8000YFXZA, PN58C8000YFXZA, PN63C8000YFXZA, UN40C7000, UN40C7000WF, UN40C7000WFXZA, UN40C7000WFXZX, UN46C7000, UN46C7000WF, UN46C7000WFXZA, UN46C7000WFXZX, UN46C7000WR, UN46C7000WRXSR, UN46C7100, UN46C7100WF, UN46C7100WFXZA, UN46C8000, UN46C8000XF, UN46C8000XFXZA, UN46C8000XFXZX, UN55C7000, UN55C7000WF, UN55C7000WFXZA, UN55C7000WFXZX, UN55C7000WR, UN55C7000WRXSR, UN55C7000WRXZL, UN55C7100, UN55C7100WF, UN55C7100WFXZA, UN55C8000, UN55C8000XF, UN55C8000XFXZA, UN55C8000XFXZX, UN55C8000XR, UN55C8000XRXSR, UN65C8000, UN65C8000XF, UN65C8000XFXZA



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