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About us

HDTVBoards.com Live Support

HDTVBoards.com is an online store owned and operated by Toptons, Inc. (US) & Wisetronics Inc. (Canada) and was founded in April 2011. Our main office is located in City of Industry, CA, United Stated.

HDTVBoards.com was created when We saw the potential for doing business using electronic components which had expired from use. HDTVBoards.com takes these dead components and salvages the active items from them. We concentrate on HDTV & computers at the component level.

We specialize in parts and component recycling and recertification, we pull out and are able to reball chips, test and organize components. All our parts and systems are stringently tested to ensure they are as good as the new pieces and function as per factory specs.

For example, a mother board stops functioning, most times the board is replaced with a new component; HDTVBoards.com will take the old board and salvage any working chips, capacitors, diodes, resisters, fans, etc. These components are then sold back into the marketplace allowing other service providers an alternative option to repairing an item instead of replacing it.

Why does this work, because customers are price savvy and most times are willing to wait a little longer to save money. In addition customers are environmentally conscience and we salvage items and put them back into the market place, minimizing the number of items going into your local landfill site, thus reducing our “Environmental Footprint”.

HDTVBoards.com although new has been around for some time, when we started we specialized in computer components only but have expanded to include HDTV components. Our growth has been expediential and our future continues to expand to other technologies and devices. We are one of the industries fastest-growing companies to provide electronic components and products all over U.S. and the Canada with plans to expand.

Since our conception in the industry, HDTVBoards.com has established itself as a trustworthy brand with many satisfied customers.

Our professional and specialized experts are here to serve you, to supply all system and parts as required at a cost-effective price.

HDTVBoards.com is quick to react to your orders, issues or concerns; we strive to satisfy our customers the first time, every time.

Although HDTVBoards.com is a new website, we see this as an extension of Toptons & Wisetronics as we continue to grow and expand. We want and need to give our customers alternative options, this is another tool to do so and we know you will trust in HDTVBoards.com as you do in Toptons & Wisetronics, that you will not be disappointed as our reputation speaks for itself.